Varenastus the Consuming




Burning Legion
Grand Magistrix Elisande
Ruben Stelleris


Banished to Twisting Nether

Killed by

Sabariel Dawnbreaker

Place of Death

Suramar City


October 2016 - plotted to kill off Suramar rebels with poisoned arcwine

Varenastus was a Nathrezim agent and part of the Legion force occupying Suramar City.

He was encountered early in the Suramar Campaign by a Highguard team investigating a missing Crescent Resistance courier.

A search led to the slain body of the courier after two shipments of arcwine had been missed, though when the team took the news to the Waning Crescent, Raylo Songbinder was jubilant, offering arcwine as the "courier" had just arrived with a large shipment.

Raylo drank the wine as the Highguard tried to explain the courier he'd seen was likely an imposer, and the result was a near immediate withering, all energy drained from his body by a void-based toxin added to the wine.

Mana crystals and untainted arcwine proved useless as their energy was only consumed by the agent. Distribution of the tainted shipment from the Crescent and at Shal'aran was halted with Raylo the only casualty, though the Dreadlord's scheming with Ruben Stelleris came perilously close to wiping out the whole resistance in a single stroke.

Sabariel Dawnbreaker, leader of The Hellstriders, immediately set forth across the rooftops of Suramar in search of Varenastus, whom had been at the Crescent in his Shal'dorei guise only a short time before the Highguard returned. The fearless Hellstrider caught up with Varenastus, having seen the body the guise was apparent, and she tracked him meeting with Ruben Stelleris in the Court of Stars before her ambush fell on Varenastus, caught off guard and slain with her feared bow Demon's Fear.

As Dreadlords generally take time to return from the Nether, Varenastus is unlikely be a factor in the near term, though with his name uncovered among documents held by Ruben Stelleris when he was taken out the following day, should this sinister creature ever return to Azeroth, it should be possible to predict his presence and intent.