Tezraseyna Ishal'shanre
Bearer of Shal'Renaris
Portrait by wooglet23.


Tezraseyna Clarion Ishal'shanre
October 18th, - 2,222 P.S. (12,256 years)
Suramar City, Suramar


Shal'dorei (Nightborne)




The Vessel
Grand Invoker
Bearer of Shal'Renaris
The Spellstealing Prodigy
Errant of the Nightborne Rebellion



Vethannis Ishal'shanre(Father)
Ashanris Ishal'shanre(Mother)
Tal'sheras Ishal'shanre(Brother)
Akidra Ishal'shanre (Sister)

Current Affiliations:

Crescent Resistance

"Magic, in its earliest, and arguably most potent form, is the art of memory. It requires no technology, no wands or appurtenances other than the mind of the magus. All the trappings of ritual are merely mnemonic devices, meant to allow the practitioner to recall in rich detail the specific mental formulae that unlocks a spell's power. The most powerful magi are ones blessed with the greatest memories. Your mind is your arsenal; and with each incantation, you command the power of the stars themselves. Arcane Magic holds the secrets of the universe, had we but eyes to see it."

- Tezraseyna Ishal'shanre

Physical AppearanceEdit

Tezraseyna was a woman of both luxury and exotic beauty, but the subtle, almost haunting aura of mystery was what most often anchored her presence into one's mind. The fluidity of every movement reminiscent of a ritualistic dance; the deep, longing gazes of curiosity that held an unexplored potential; and the timid, demure tone of conduct were just a few traits that conveyed such an unidentifiable sense of intrigue.

Those intent on drawing eye contact would be met with a glowing incandescence of Arcane magic, the shade of their gentle radiance a testament of her Shal'dorei heritage. Her hauntingly bittersweet gaze reflected the ancient magics of Shal'Aran itself, and the potency of such magic therein.

Tezraseyna maintained a constant expression that suggest very, very little escaped her careful and calculated watch. Eyes like that of a saber; sharp and upturned, watching their surroundings with a deliberate, almost obsessive gaze. Their intensity exaggerated the narrow curvature of her face, almost dramatic in comparison to her pointed nose and chin, as well as the delicateness of her lips. Such lavish arkhana jewels were embraced by long, feathery lashes and the gentle, shimmery presence of moonlit dust upon the lids.

She kept a very manicured appearance, with a very deep fuchsia complexion, dotted with slightly glinting freckles throughout the canvas of skin. Locks of seemingly pure moonlight fell to the small of her back in straight, pristine strands, as well as a set of straight-cut bangs that framed her forehead and cheeks. A single pigment branded the skin of her countenance: a single crescent moon that sat just between her snowy eyebrows.

From pointed ear to delicate toe, Tezraseyna was a woman of seraphic quality. She was slight and unimposing in size, her height measuring up to be somewhat shorter than most women of her kind. It appeared that what she lacked in height, she made up in width to some degree. She had a developed and shapely figure, although it was by no means 'bountiful', or even 'overweight'. The slender structure of the woman’s bones and stature suggested that she excelled in the arts of magic rather than brutish, close-quarters combat, and the beautiful weaves of cloth that swathe her body reinforced this suggestion.