The Drowsy
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Green Dragon




Emerald Watcher




Emerald Dream




Guardians of Hyjal



Tarisra is a Green Wyrm that occasionally walks in the guise of a Kaldorei female. She first appeared to the Highguard when Vor'taria Ara'lith attempted to unlock another Vine-Wrapped Cobalt Box with use of Duskwood's Dream Portal. Tarisra emerged from the portal carrying the box that Vor'taria set inside, making it known to the Highguard that the boxes were her creations, and their continued use of the portals to open them was destabilising her efforts at keeping the Nightmare from seeping into Azeroth. It was too late however, as the barrier had weakened enough to allow a small amount of Nightmare influence into Duskwood. While the Highguard purged the corrupt, living foilage, Tarisra in her true, emerald form, focused on repairing the barrier, only to have a curious Harvest Witch stick her head through the portal. The dragon's strength waned, and the barrier was damaged further. A great evil stirred beyond it, and with a last-ditch effort, Tarisra charged through the portal to stop it head-on.

Her fate is unknown, but an Ancient of Nightmare lumbered through the portal after his comrades were dispatched by the Highguard, with claws of warped wood bloodied and adorned with the occasional green dragonscale.

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