In the Shadows of Valor
Campaign: Fourth War
Place: Eastern Stormheim, southern Isle of Valor
Outcome: Ongoing conflict.

Grand Alliance

New Horde

Commanders and Leaders:

Berenal Grayblade

Ivan Sibelius Felsorrow
Seleste Felsorrow


Kingdom of Gilneas

  • The Blades of Greymane

Kingdom of Stormwind

  • The First Regiment

Kingdom of Lordaeron

  • Remnant of Lordaeron

Kingdom of Alterac

  • The Citrine Eagle

Dwarven Forces

  • Dwarven Vanguard

Forces of Darnassus

  • Thera na Shalla

High Elven Forces

  • The Highguard (Silver Covenant)

Alliance Forces

  • Shadowtalon Company
  • The Eastern Offensive
  • The Stormblade Regiment


  • Legion of Vengeance
Casualties and Losses:



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"The Shadows of Valor Conflict is an on-going series of conflicts located within the southern part of the Isle of Valor in 'Stormheim', the island that houses the Halls of Valor. Spurred into action after the engagement of Sylvanas Windrunner and Genn Greymane that resulted in the Banshee Queen losing an item of vital importance to the Worgen king, as well as the Forsaken's position on the isle, the Shadows of Valor Conflict was a re-engagement of hostilities between the Alliance and Horde as both sides vied for control of the island."  Read the full article on the Moon Guard wiki.