Leystation Anasterian
Mana pylon




Arcane Relay


Grey Shoals, Azsuna



Notable Materials

(3) mana collectors
(2) leyline taps
(6) Directional Beacons




Entilzha Firesong
Morgane Devaux
Fourth Telemancer Kadremis
Tezraseyna Ishal'shanre


Constructed in Oct. 2016

Leystation Anasterian is a mana relay station in the Grey Shoals region off the western shore of Azsuna, located in caverns among the many small, rocky islands in the region.

Named in honor of the last Sun King of the Quel'dorei, Leystation Anasterian is conceptually similar to the stations in Suramar.

Drawing most of its energy from a large offshore leyflow, the station by design avoids draining resources needed by the resistance in Suramar or the Blue Dragons in Azsuna.

Energy is provided to Shal'elah, where it can be redirected as needed for telemancy, wards, nourishment, direct infusion, and in activities otherwise related to the liberation of Shal'elah and management of exile and refugee populations at Shal'elah.

History & Construction Edit

The notion of building a similar station first came to Entilzha Firesong when visiting Leystation Anora and Leystation Kel'balor in Suramar province, they located noted by the draw upon the primary leyflows in the region.

The stations were also used to narrow down the likely position of the resistance base, Shal'aran.

Conferring with a number of Shal'dorei associates familiar with the workings of the mana collectors used in the stations, a location off the western shore of Azsuna, though protected from the sea by firm rocks, and protected from intrusion by territorial sea cows in the region, suitable pylons themselves were needed.

This delayed the project a time, though locations of pylons used by now-withered elves in Amberville were pointed out by refugees at Shal'aran, and a large, crescent moon shaped pylon head was recovered from Ruben Stelleris.

This permitted construction to move forward, if aligning the pylons would prove troublesome, with support needed to handle manaspawn as the station was aligned.

Using ley taps acquired at Shal'aran, the flow was directed to Shal'elah, at times making use of Azshara-era tunnels used to transfer energy from the Well of Eternity to remote parts of the empire.

Leystation Anasterian's activation saw Shal'elah's leychamber at 170% of normal arcane levels, and additional attunements and fine adjustments are likely to increase effective output and with it overall accessible energy levels in the leychamber.

Leystation Anasterian provided a notable and immediate increase to Shal'elah's telemancy capabilities, which link various Highguard bases across the isles to Dalaran, Shal'aran and strategically sensitive locations.

Future stations of a similar design may be considered if a suitable location in terms of both ley patterns and security is located.