Elon Nor'theldran


Elon's Glorious Goods, Suramar Marketplace

Notable Members

Essyria (Niece)
Lorain (Nephew)



Established in the bustling trade district of Suramar, House Nor’theldran is widely known for its mercantile power. Before the barrier was raised over the city, House Nor’theldran was a minor house, but it slowly gained influence over the millennia through shrewd trade deals and savvy networking. When the barrier fell and civil war erupted, House Nor’theldran aided the resistance by sheltering revolutionaries and providing them resources to aid in the overthrowing of Elisande. Now the victorious head of House Nor’theldran, Lord Elon Nor’theldran, seeks to reap the rewards of his calculated risk by reserving a seat at the First Arcanist’s table.

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