Fourth Telemancer Kadremis






Fourth Telemancer of Suramar


Suramar City








Saved from withering in Azsuna when encountered during an expedition to the ley ruins

Kadremis Mathieu, Fourth Telemancer of Suramar, is a Nightfallen male, encountered by a small Highguard team investigating the Ley-Ruins of Zarkhenar. Kadremis was on the brink of withering when found, though unlike many of the other Nightfallen and Withered in the area, exercised restraint and did not attack on sight, desperately asking the elves for any help they could offer. His condition was extremely frail and he likely had very little time left when found.

It was noted that aside from his unusual willpower, Kadremis even in such a highly weakened state, held a slightly stronger arcane aura than the other Nightfallen present, and his tattered garments showed signs of having been more ornate.

He was stabilized with ancient mana, and agreed to travel to Shal'elah, Entilzha Firesong's secluded workspace and temporary living area in Azsuna, exchanging his knowledge of telemancy and the political situation in Suramar for a safe refuge and access to ample nourishment.

Kadremis states he was exiled in the crackdown following the failed coup, with his connection to known dissident Chief Telemancer Oculeth, his superior as a telemancer, exposed via correspondence.

He is recovering at Shal'elah on both ancient mana crystals and a diet of various natural foodstuffs, and is slowly regaining weight.

Kadremis has been teaching Entilzha about telemancy, and they work together researching the leyline feeds towards determining the fate and if living, location of the resistance leaders.

Kadremis is particularly interested in locating Oculeth. Resting a good deal after his ordeal, his loud snoring often echoes through the concealed chambers of Shal'elah.

After successfully contacting his son, Arcanist Thorel Mathieu, within the city, Kadremis has received warpsleeves, pylons, and other telemancy equipment, and the central chamber of Shal'elah expands as a telemancy workshop, with active links to a half dozen sites across the broken isles, and others accessible via re-modulation of a pad.

How many telemancy beacons active at once is limited to prevent overload of the network, though Kadremis and increasingly Entilzha, keep one pad unlinked and ready for modulation to any site.

When Entilzha is in a possibly dangerous situation, Kadremis is often keeping watch from the telemancy lab, locked on and ready to pull him and his allies out should trouble arise.

Kadremis and Entilzha are steadily forging a true friendship in addition to being of mutual assistance, with Firesong coming to feel far more secure knowing Kadremis is there. They used a sphere covered with Shal'dorei runes to keep in contact, and to establish and maintain telemancy locks from distance.