A Vacuum of Souls


Legendary Weapon


Doctor Ricthoffen / Highguard Battlemagi



Required Addon

TRP3: Extended



+10 DMG to Demonkin


Gain +2 damage per killing blow on Demon, stacking until end of encounter.


Requires Attunement

"A miracle of enchanted Azsharite, this blade locks away the souls of demons it has slain, to an astral prison."

Doctor Ricthoffen's research into trapping the souls of slain demons was weaponised by the Battlemagi. It was forged in Azsharite, a crystalline ore capable of focusing and containing immensely-powerful arcane magics, known to have been a favourite in weapons used against the Legion by the Highborne. The souls of the demons slain by this weapon are trapped within The Arshaz, unable to return to the Nether to be resummoned in the Legion's never-ending army of damnation.

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