Duskwatch Captain Adrienne






Duskwatch Captain








Nightborne (former)



Captain Adrienne was a Duskwatch officer, whom refused to carry out an order to round up civilians to be taken to the soul forges, her unit instead slaying the jailer demon accompanying them.

She was forced to hole up inside a building in the Evermoon Commons with her troops, seven remaining and eleven civilians. Lirande Dubois spoke of a friendship with Adrienne after hearing her description from the Thera-dora's reports, and a rescue team was dispatched, Highguard on the ground supported by Thera-dora on the rooftops.

Adrienne had her men ward the building, though felborne outside were attempting to channel a massive infernal to destroy the building, and likely much of the surrounding area. With distracting archer fire along with brute force, the door was reached, and Lirande was able to convince Adrienne it was in fact her.

Those inside bore wounds, but all capable of fighting were given arcwine, and Adrienne's team combined with the Highguard and Thera-dora managed to bring the infernal down, using traps and caltrops to slow the advance of reinforcements.

Upon arrival at Shal'elah and debriefing, Adrienne spoke of a high value resistance target held on the Terrace of Order, one she only knew to be alleged to have close ties to arcwine smuggling. Though she reported a heavy guard presence, the feasibility of a rescue was probed, as were efforts to identify the captive.

Commanding a fully trained unit that had worked together for years, Adrienne and her men were a welcome addition to the Thera-dora, with a far higher level of experience and coordination than the formerly civilian recruits.

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