"A stone as dark as night was found in the tomb of your ancestor, The Ghost, Lady Sabariel, upon completed tests, it was found to entrap even the strongest demons souls within. Use it wisely." Hellstrider report.

The Black Soulstone
Black Soulstone
The Stone glows when a demonic soul is entrapped within


Lady Sabariel Dawnbreaker
Emaellath Dawnbreaker (Former)


To entrap demonic souls within


Unknown to public knowledge

Known Souls Entrapped

Lord Sacrathor



The Soulstone has a black, jagged appearance, which can often look like broken black glass while no soul is inside, once a demonic soul is trapped within; the black stone has a malevolent orange-red glow mixed to the black.

To entrap a soul within it, the stone must be thrust into the demon that is to be captured before it dies so that instead of leaving it's body, the spirit is locked within. It is unknown whether the soul can be released from the stone at all.