Thalassian Arcane Beacon


Communications Device


Duskwither Academy


Only to Silver Covenant enlisted and affiliated



The Thalassian Arcane Beacon, or Arcane Beacon, is standard issue within the Silver Covenant as a means of ley-line based communications and information relay. It can broadcast a distress message to other Beacons on the same Ley network.


  • Cannot give location data while in the Outland.
  • Is sometimes confused by AU Draenor
  • Is very recently confused by all the dormant ley-lines throughout the Isles that are being re-activated.
  • At the moment, the only place on Argus that can transmit to and receive transmissions from Azeroth is Krokuun. This is due to a pylon that the Magitech engineers established.
  • Does have an earpiece
  • Does not taste good.

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