The Black Arrows
The arrowheads

Designer and Developer

Sabariel Dawnbreaker

Used by

Sabariel Dawnbreaker
The Hellstriders

Developed by Sabariel for use against demons; the Anti-Demon, or Black, Arrows are highly effective armour and demon-skin piercing arrow, designed to dig in deeper and inflict heavier wounds. As the arrow is loosed, the arrow spins, as the arrowhead hits the armour or shield, it acts like a drill to dig further into the metal than normal tipped arrows.

Although the arrow head isn't always black, often made of elementium, the name actually comes from the shaft of the arrow. Made of a black wood would around the Dawnbreaker Port, the black wood is found to be rather strong compared to others and are used in the creation. The fletchings are also black feathers.